Bathroom software, simple and flexible

Your 3D professional bathroom software presented on this site is marketed by KORELIZ on the site.

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Koreliz Design is the software that will allow you to convince your customers and facilitate your projects.

- Your customers need SEE their project, and to be advised in their choice of ambience

- You can create a bathroom project In 15 minutes thanks to easy and fast software that follows the steps of creating a bathroom

- Create any type of bathroom, thanks to the flexibility of our software:
- All furniture and sanitary are changeable in size and texture, which covers almost all your needs
- All tiles, parquet ... available are also changeable in size, size of joint ...
- What's new at your suppliers? You can freely and easily import your tiles with a simple copy and paste in your core

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Discover this amazing accelerator
sale in our video presentation.

Untitled-1Quantify your projects precisely

Untitled-1Support your quote with a complete file

Untitled-1Simplify the execution of the construction site by a file of pose

Untitled-1Increase your customer potential

Untitled-1Simulate your clients' projects

Untitled-1Propose various alternatives

POP bathroom

Example made with Koreliz Design: 3D, plan, layout

Salle de bain Contemporaire

PDF project with plan, calepinage, quantitative

Bathroom ZEN

Project example with plan, 3D visualization

Bathroom PMR

Example of bathroom project for people with reduced mobility

Quick start

The essential in order to test the software as soon as possible.


Choose the most suitable formula

Project type

Discover an example of a printing project.


Download the software brochure.


Calculation and editions

Quantify and accurately encrypt your project. As a standard, you have a spreadsheet that is suitable for quantities and quotes. You can customize your editions and edit them in Excel.


Print folder

Quickly create a folder for printing highlighting your project. The print folder is composed of each wall listed according to the location of the tiles and furniture. From the view of the plan seen from the tiled floor, with the quotation of openings, furniture and constraints.


Modification at will

In addition to integrating many 3D furniture and tiles manufacturers, Koreliz Design gives you the ability to customize them at will. You are free to change the colors and textures of each object and add your own tiles to infinity.

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